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Empowering Our Team: Successful Self-Defense Session


We are thrilled to share the success of our recent Self-Defense Session at Process Management Limited, A Puffer Company. This event was planned and executed by our Corporate Services department. Committed to the well-being and safety of our team, this initiative aimed to equip our employees with valuable knowledge and practical skills.

Knowledge Empowerment: Our team delved into a comprehensive presentation on the legal aspects of the Use of Force, fostering a deeper understanding of the laws surrounding self-defense.
Interactive Discussions: Engaging discussions allowed our team to address questions, share insights, and collectively build awareness on personal safety.

Practical Applications: The heart of the session comprised hands-on training, expertly broken down into three key sections – Frontal Defense, Rear Defense, and Ground Defense.

This session was conducted by Self-Defense Instructor: Mr. Adrian Sealey, who brought a wealth of expertise to the session, ensuring our team felt confident in applying practical self-defense techniques in a controlled environment. His commitment to our safety resonated with each participant.

The enthusiasm and active participation of our team made the session a resounding success. The camaraderie built during the practical exercises reinforced our collective commitment to creating a secure and supportive work environment.

We believe that learning is an ongoing journey, and this self-defense session marks just one step. Stay tuned for more initiatives focused on empowering our team and fostering a culture of safety and well-being.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the Self-Defense Session. Together, we are creating a workplace where knowledge, preparedness, and a strong sense of community ensure the safety and success of all.