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Frequent Questions

How we guide and service new technology improve your operations and efficiencies.

Are aftermarket services available for the products sold?

Yes, Process Management Limited (PML) supports all its products with trained engineers and technicians. This is done either in house or on site and where necessary support personnel are factory trained.

Does Process Management Limited (PML) honour Emerson warranties?

Yes, Process Management Limited (PML) honours warranties for all equipment supplied through us directly or purchased from our principals.

Are spare parts available?

Spare Parts are available as far as practical. To optimize and ensure availability of critical spare parts, we normally discuss with the client the best method of spare parts stock management.

What are typical response times to service calls?

Response times are normally within 4-6 hours from customer request. We have implemented a roster system where technicians and engineers are available on a 24hr basis.

What is your local technical capability as compared to overseas?

Process Management Limited (PML) prides itself on the ability to offer local engineers and technicians equivalent to many of the support people provided by our principals. We have built a strong cadre of support personnel who keep abreast of new technologies and products, through overseas and local programs.

Is Process Management Limited (PML) “Safe to Work” certified?

Process Management Limited (PML) is Safe to Work (STOW) certified.