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Oil and Gas Industry
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Oil & Gas

Optimize operations for max production with the most efficient use of your resources.

Partner with PML for access to an industry-leading team of experts and a network of resources dedicated to help you achieve your production goals.

Whether onshore or offshore, PML has decades of experience to help you overcome your toughest challenges, like maintaining safe operations, measuring accurately, and having the insight you need to run your business well. From production to delivery, oil and gas business operations need to perform reliably and safely to deliver real business results.

Oil and Gas Industry Products & Services

Solutions For Oil & Gas Segments

  • Gas Processing & LNG

  • Midstream

  • Offshore

  • Onshore

  • Storage Terminals

  • Transportation

  • FPSO

Gas Processing & LNG

Gas Processing LNG

To stay competitive in the face of ever-changing demands and operational constraints, PML works to improve efficiency and reduce cost for optimized throughput and plant performance across every facet of your gas processing. Our team of experts, services, and solutions can help you safely and effectively manage risk, avoid downtime, and improve plant performance while reducing total costs.

  • Gathering System

    Ensure maximum availability while improving compliance and reducing fiscal risk.

  • NGL Recovery

    Efficiently handle ever-changing operating conditions and recover high value products.

  • LNG Liquefaction

    Operate closer to optimum constraints for increased yield, efficiency and profit.

  • LNG Regasification

    Safely meet market demands and operate efficiently while reducing overall risk and costs.

  • FLNG

    Achieve long-term, efficient operation while reducing risk and lifecycle costs.

  • NGL Fractionation

    Eliminate variability and operate closer to optimum constraints for increased yield.

  • LNG Cryogenic and Refrigerated Storage

    Simplify instrumentation from field to control room with solutions specific to cryogenic storage

Midstream Oil & Gas

Midstream Oil and Gas

Keep operations and resources working at peak performance with the right technology to help you optimize your processing facilities wherever they are. The team at PML has extensive oil and gas midstream industry experience that works to protect your asset integrity, reduce your total cost of ownership, maximize capacity and revenues, and reduce regulatory compliance burdens. We deliver proven solutions to protect asset investments and reduce total cost of ownership in fluctuating markets.

  • Natural Gas Compression

    Optimized control solutions for safe and effective gas compression.

  • Natural Gas Processing

    Become more efficient and accurate with leading-edge automation and control systems.

  • Oil & Gas Transportation

    Adapt to new customer demands and improve profitability by safely and efficiently moving product.

  • Pipeline Transmission

    Manage capacity, inventory, and storage while making decisions that maximize profit potential.

Offshore Oil & Gas

Offshore Oil and Gas

Metal and mining operations face common challenges but with unique variables like the rising cost of development, volatile prices, and skilled labor shortages. With PML service and support solutions you can have your operation perform the most efficiently, reliably, and safely. We have the industry experience and local service options to help you advance your operations, automate processes, and have better control of grinding, milling, and flotation.

  • Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms

    Ensure project success and optimize production over the life of your FPSO.

  • Floating Production Storage & Offloading (FPSO)

    Improve your operating efficiency and reduce total maintenance costs and associated risk.

  • Subsea Production and Maximize Recovery

    Get continuous monitoring of well production to maximize reservoir performance.

Onshore Oil & Gas

Onshore Oil and Gas

Engage PML support and services to execute onshore oil & gas projects that realize the most value from the reservoir whether you are in a conventional or unconventional environment. Whether you are producing from a conventional or unconventional field, key challenges like reducing operating costs, minimizing HSE risks, and maximizing production are paramount. PML works to drive down operational costs while optimizing production to deliver better returns on your investment while keeping your people safe.

  • Well Monitoring & Integrity

    Get timely insight into your wells to get the most out of your field.

  • Heater Treater

    Ensure complete separation of well bore fluids while reducing energy use and HSE risk.

  • Separation

    Maximize production with reliable and efficient separation that provides accurate and timely data.

  • Produced Fluids Management

    Achieve smarter storage management, vapor recovery and custody transfer while reducing risk.

Storage Terminals

Oil and Gas Storage Terminals

Terminals are increasingly driven by boutique products and just-in-time logistics. To overcome this dynamic landscape and still achieve greater throughput while maintaining safety and security, PML delivers solutions to connect the information and activities in the field directly to the enterprise through automation solutions. Let’s meet leak detection, machinery health, and safety challenges head on to get the most out of your terminal assets. We’ll ensure product and information move efficiently within your terminal for better-informed decisions.

  • Tank Farm Management

    Gain greater visibility into what’s happening in and between tanks.

  • Tank Storage

    Rely on the same accurate instrumentation for all tanks.

  • Product Transfer

    Ensure timely and accurate product transfers to minimize disputes.

  • Pumps, Valves, and Manifolds

    Avoid lineup errors that lead to costly product integrity issues.

  • Terminal Operations Management

    Deploy flexible solutions that work to maximize terminal efficiency.

Oil & Gas Transportation

Oil and Gas Transportation

To remain competitive, you need to retain customer trust by keeping up with changing customer and market demands. PML can deliver operational expertise and the latest technologies to help you move products faster and maintain profitability. From the oil field, to the refinery and on to distribution, successful pipeline operation requires active management of capacity, inventory, and storage while making decisions that capture max profit. Our team partners with you through every stage of the pipeline lifecycle, from planning and design, to operations, maintenance, and end-of-life challenges to maximize revenue over the life of the project.

  • Gas Transmission Operations Management

    Effectively maintain pipeline integrity, capture incremental capacity and meet your customers’ requirements and delivery expectations.

  • Liquid Transmission

    Improve pipeline reliability and integrity for safe, efficient operation while effectively managing and controlling events that can adversely affect operations.

  • Gas Pipelines

    Optimize profitability, from build through long-term operations, with the right automation strategy and fit-for-purpose technologies.

  • Gas Distribution

    Deliver safe, accurate and reliable supply of natural gas with reduced downtime and best-in-class customized solutions.

Floating Production Storage and Offloading


Designing, building, and operating an FPSO is complex. It can be difficult to make sure your project stays within budget and still meet deadlines. Then once the operation is online, the project needs to operate reliably to meet production targets. PML can equip you with the technology, services, and expertise you need to design and operate your FPSO, safely and efficiently, while reducing your operating costs, risks, and time to first oil.

  • Reservoir Modeling

    Produce maximum performance from your reservoir, regardless of geology, location or complexity.

  • Seperation

    Maximize production with reliable and efficient separation that provides accurate and timely data.

  • Custody Transfer

    Minimize fiscal risk through measurement accuracy.

  • Compression

    Get reliable compression of natural gas for safe, consistent transmission to processing facilities.