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Asset Reliability
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Asset Reliability

PML optimizes the performance of your rotating plant assets.

It is possible to maintain the long-term performance of rotating equipment in any operation.

Let’s combine Emerson’s technologies with the incredible service and expertise from PML to identify solutions such as online prediction and protection systems, or regular evaluation of component machinery health. Top-quartile performance is achievable if you rely on the experts at your local regional support partner.

Asset Reliability Products
  • Machinery Health Management

  • Route Based Vibration Analyzers

  • Wireless IIOT Solutions

  • Machinery Prediction Systems

  • Online Prediction & Protection

  • Vibration Monitoring

  • Monarch Instruments

  • MOBIUS Training

It costs approximately 50% more to repair a failed asset than if the problem had been addressed prior to failure. Predictive intelligence on the health of your rotating equipment can reduce scheduled and unscheduled downtime, driving down maintenance costs and increasing safety and availability. And when your plant requires protection on its critical assets, API-compliant protection can be integrated so you can operate your plant safely and with confidence.

Machinery Health Products

Route-based technologies allow users to collect data on the largest number of assets and still trouble-shoot problems in the field. PML will help you maintain availability through route-based, periodic monitoring because collecting vibration data on a pre-determined route through the plant is the cornerstone of today’s predictive maintenance programs. And the same tools can provide sophisticated diagnostic testing of problem assets, even providing 24/7 monitoring when needed without the expense of a permanently wired system. And with certifications for use in a variety of hazardous environments, route-based data collector/analyzer can also be used to perform field balancing and wireless laser alignment.

Route-based Products

Wireless IIOT Solutions

With wireless IIOT solutions you collect full vibration data from more assets in more locations over a self-organizing wireless network. Many organizations lack the headcount and analysis expertise to expand their monitoring program to all the critical equipment in their facility. With these products, you an simplify asset monitoring on an expanded number of assets.

These devices and software make it easier to monitor more equipment, reduce downtime and improve overall reliability. Mobile alerts can be aggregated with additional data sources to deliver a holistic picture of overall operational health.

Machinery Prediction Systems

Applications can turn data into predictive intelligence for rotating equipment and field devices. Converting data into information puts you in control.

There are a variety of technologies available for collecting and analyzing data from field assets. What you do with that data can be the difference when it comes to meeting production goals. Trending, diagnostic, and configuration tools turn mountains of data into actionable information for planning efficient maintenance activities and keeping plants running smoothly.

Online Prediction & Protection Systems

Ensuring that your assets are always protected from unplanned failure requires choosing the right online system for the criticality of your asset to production. When safety regulations and insurance requirements dictate an API-compliant protection system, a modern approach would include predictive intelligence so you can operate your most critical assets with confidence. For the balance of your plant, a scalable system that delivers condition monitoring data continuously – and especially during transient conditions – is the answer. Let’s choose the right system for the criticality of the asset.

Vibration Monitoring

Proven field methodologies employ accurate vibration diagnostic techniques based on sound engineering principles. This ensures the most accurate and reliable diagnostic conclusions available for your rotating equipment. PML is committed to providing our customers with new, innovative products to help enhance machine reliability.

Monarch Instruments

Monarch Instruments

As the world’s largest supplier of rotational speed measuring instruments and stroboscopic inspection equipment, Monarch Instruments continue to be innovative tachometers, stroboscopes, speed sensors, data loggers, and data acquisition systems.

MOBIUS Training

mobius training

Our training partner, Mobius Institute, provides internationally recognized Vibration Analysis, Ultrasound Analysis, Infrared Thermography and Asset Reliability training and accredited certification to condition monitoring, maintenance, asset reliability practitioners, and business leaders.

We can get you training and certification through public courses, on-site training, and web-based education, which leads to accredited certification for asset reliability practitioners, condition monitoring specialists, and precision maintenance technicians. Let’s find the training and certification course that aligns with your goals.