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Control Systems Services
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Control Systems

Achieve greater uptime, increase efficiency, and optimize operating costs.

Combine engineering expertise with data to achieve greater uptime and increased efficiency and optimal operating cost.

PML understands time is incredibly valuable and responds to the challenge to provide customers with customized solutions to realize greater flexibility and meet operating goals. Our team will partner with you to help optimize your process with well maintained software and control assets. Certified engineers are capable of complete project support, from basic maintenance and diagnostics to process design, configuration, graphics, system implementation, and startup support.

Control Systems Services


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DeltaV BPCS & SIS Control System Design

The right balance of industry, technology, and project management

DeltaV BPCS SIS Control System Design

PML is a total solutions provider with the certified hardware, software, and engineering services. We can review total process plant operations and cover the lifecycle of the system from concept to operation. That includes maintenance, function testing, through to decommissioning.

  • Meet the requirements of the safety system lifecycle

  • Reduce systematic failures with good design

  • Ensure that systematic faults are reduced or eliminated altogether


Implement best practices that address your individual needs

Industrial Documentation Services

The engineers at PML have an abundance of experience in a wide variety of global clients to implement the best solutions for your plant’s operation.

  • Metering/Allocation & Operating/Validation Philosophies

  • Uncertainty Analysis and Meter Selection Studies

  • Equipment Specifications and Operating Procedures

  • Calibration/Validation & Pre-Commissioning/Commissioning Procedures

  • Tolerance & Configuration/Certification Manuals

  • Statutory Body or Regulator Submissions

FAT, SAT, and IFAT Services

Reduce non-conformities and their negative impacts

FAT IFAT SAT services

FAT, SAT, and IFAT help to reduce the chance that non-conformities get through the supply chain which may increase the risk of failure, impact a project schedule, cause costly overruns, loss of life, or environmental impacts. They should be done in highly complex critical equipment packages, equipment with new technology, and when installation on site is complicated.

PML will help you avoid costly redesign and troubleshooting during outage operations. Conducting these tests is an opportunity to verify communications between systems and discover any potential issues prior to installation.

  • Meet compliance requirements with vendors

  • Saves time during an outage and increases confidence levels

  • Personnel are better positioned to accept security solutions

FEED and FEL Services

Ensure your FEED paves the way for successful project execution


Help is sometimes needed to identify and justify the right project to achieve your production goals. Whether it’s a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study to justify an improvement project, or consulting for overall throughput improvements, our experts apply their process knowledge to accomplish your objectives.

  • Leverage our deep process expertise

  • Make better decisions with an understanding of choice implications

  • Improve overall plant outcomes

Integration and Migration Services

The appropriate integration and migration plan for you

Integration Migration

Using the tested system configuration, operator orientation to the new automation solution can begin in PML’s dedicated staging areas.

Application System Specialists can provide operators with process animation to emulate simple system dynamics with the same application used for acceptance testing. Our inexpensive techniques and tools give operators the required knowledge to use their new automation solution effectively.

The Lead Application System Specialist and the Operations representatives jointly identify the training content and goals. We can use our standard documentation to support the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of the automation system or collaboratively prepare a customized FAT testing document.

Once testing has been completed and signed off by the customer’s project team representative, the automation system is then prepared for crating and shipment. If desired, PML also offers storage services to meet your project schedule requirements.

Loop Drawings

Determine how well your control loops are performing

Loop Drawings for Control Systems

With PML’s Loop Drawings, you can gain insight from industry experts and receive recommended actions to improve your Control Performance Score. Loop Service allows you to minimize operator interventions, maximize the number of automatic and well-performing loops, identify bottlenecks and investigate instrumentation and tuning issues.

  • Improve product quality and throughput

  • Actionable recommendations to help maintain and improve control

Project Management

Automation and instrumentation are critical for project execution

Project Management

Making the right choice for your automation platform and who implements it can mitigate risk to your project and ongoing operations. With the current challenging commodity prices affecting your project economics and increased shareholder scrutiny on their return on investment (ROI), making the right choice of automation platform and execution team is imperative.

A highly integrated approach to automation, referred to as a Main Automation Contractor (MAC), will help you meet your project needs. PML has highly skilled and experienced industry professionals who can effectively support your project with industry-leading automation and instrumation technology.

  • Rely on a proven and competent full automation scope supplier

  • Leverage best-in-class products from Emerson

  • Utilize industry-leading and innovative technology

  • Ensure streamlined communication and supplier alignment

  • Attain a consistent, repeatable, and reusable toolkit for initial and future project phases

  • Depend on our deep industry and product knowledge

Standard and Custom Enclosure Design

The containment of one spark can make a difference

enclosures for control systems and safety

The right enclosure is a necessity when it comes to safe and productive operating environments. To protect your equipment and employees, they need to be designed to be strong enough to withstand the effects of corrosion, weather extremes and time. Whatever your requirements, we’ll develop an enclosure solution your facility requires.

  • Standard enclosures

  • Custom enclosures

  • Junction boxes and outlet boxes

  • Flameproof camera housing