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PML is an Emerson Accredited Service Provider that gives you the assurance that you are receiving OEM service expertise with OEM parts.

Emerson Certified

PML is an Accredited Service Provider that has been carefully selected by Emerson to be the only local service provider for our region. We’ve received exclusive access to OEM training, OEM service procedures, and OEM service tools within a structured program that continuously improves their service as new technology is developed by Emerson.

Emerson Accredited Service Provider

Repair needs for control, on-off, and pressure relief valves vary greatly because of service conditions and complex product configuration. If not maintained properly, these devices may not perform as expected. Not only do Accredited Service Providers have the right tools and equipment to service your valves, but also have access to the intellectual property–such as diagnostics tools, service procedures, and safety protocols–to properly evaluate, test, and service valves to bring your assets back to their original manufactured operating state.

Efforts to repair complex valves are often hindered by a lack of in-house expertise. Accredited Service Providers are carefully selected and audited by Emerson to ensure Emerson’s standard of service expertise is available locally. The Accredited Service Providers have access to OEM training and a direct line of communication to Emerson Experts.

When repair is required, any lack of proficiency within the in-house or 3rd party maintenance team or use of non-OEM Parts can present a risk. Because valves are complex pieces of equipment, specific knowledge and training is necessary for those making the repairs or providing support to mitigate any potential risks. Accredited Service Providers only use OEM parts and have access to OEM training to ensure the valve, regulator, or actuator is serviced to return to operating as the asset was originally manufactured.

PML ASP Certificate Feb 2024

In 2020, we celebrated our 25th anniversary, marking 25 years of taking on the industry’s toughest challenges and bringing predictable success while driving our clients towards Top Quartile performance.

PML 25 Years