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Chemical Industry
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PML helps you ensure reliable chemical processes will produce high quality product.

Chemical production has many unique challenges, and PML can provide valuable support to address them.

These can include reliability of your assets, producing the right amount of product at the right quality, and ensuring your process runs as maintenance free and often as possible.

We understand that no two chemical operations are alike, so there is no standard solution for meeting these unique challenges. Our technical experts can help you choose the right technology for any application in your chemical production process.

Chemical Industry

Solutions Tailored to YOUR Goals or WHAT YOU Need

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Flexible Production

  • Process Safety

  • Asset Reliability

  • Operate Efficiently

Improve Energy Efficiency

Chemical Plant Efficiency

The challenges of higher production costs and stringent environmental standards challenge you to minimize water and energy use, and reduce material waste. PML will work with you to accomplish those goals without compromising product quality, productivity, and capacity. Our team of experts can share their automation and process experience to create manufacturing automation and control systems that help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Enable Dynamic Chemical Production

Chemical Industry Production

Plant operations in the chemicals industry must meet the need to be flexible. Dynamic operations, cost-competitive development methodologies, and production technologies from PML can support and maintain success. From distributed control systems to control valves, our team has the right technologies and expertise to help you solve your biggest production challenges to sustain market leadership.

Ensure Chemical Process Safety

Chemical Industry Safety

Advancements in automation technology enable digital transformation initiatives to drive improvements in production, reliability, and sustainability. What about process safety? It’s essential for chemical plants to implement layers of protection for process safety risk mitigation which include protections such as equipment maintenance and monitoring practices, basic process control and alarm management, safety instrumented systems (SIS), and relief systems. 

Boost Asset Reliability

Chemical Industry Asset Reliability

Studies have shown that up to 5% of production is lost to unscheduled slowdowns and shutdowns. Reliability and efficiency suffer not because critical assets are unmonitored, but because less critical assets lack adequate monitoring. Let’s optimize performance of rotating plant assets and maintain long-term performance of rotating equipment. Combine PML’s technologies, services, and expertise to identify solutions with tools like online prediction and protection systems, or regular evaluation of component machinery health. Top-quartile performance is achievable, if you rely on our experience and expertise.

Optimize Plant Operations

Chemical Industry Operate Efficient

When you leverage DeltaV Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and other solutions, chemical producers can achieve higher product quality, more efficient tuning, more refined control, and better process visibility. Automation and monitoring software help get the right people in the right place, with the right information. With more than 7,000 modernizations to DeltaV solutions, you can easily adapt to keep up with the demands and shifting needs of the marketplace, even when budgets are tight.