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industrial video cameras
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Industrial Video Cameras

From single cameras to CCTV systems, we deliver the video solution you need.

High quality, industrial video cameras deliver outstanding performance in demanding environments.

We offer a broad range of high quality, industrial-grade video cameras that are rugged and reliable to deliver superior performance. Industrial video cameras are feature rich and integrate easily with third-party perimeter security, loss prevention, SCADA, and access control systems for easy system management and a complete video solution. A full line of cameras includes explosion proof, thermal, surveillance, wireless, crane monitoring, and rapid deploy cameras are IP-ready to accommodate fiber, copper, or wireless network connections.

industrial video cameras
  • Explosion Proof Cameras

  • Surveillance Cameras

  • Stainless Steel Cameras

  • Thermal Cameras

  • High-Speed Video

  • Crane Camera Systems

Explosion Proof cameras deliver reliable process monitoring at sites classified as having explosive atmospheres. This is crucial for the safety of operators that need to be present in a hazardous environment. The excellent video quality allows for remote situational awareness of industrial processes and visual recording of events and operator actions at sites obligated to meet regulatory requirements dictated by insurance and safety governing bodies.

These cameras perform in corrosive, dirty, and damaging environments such as oil and gas refineries, chemical lab environments, steel mills, space launch rocket pads and aerospace engine and testing facilities. They are Class I Division 1 rated and designed to contain an explosion in the event of combustible gas or dust ingress into the camera enclosure (known as an Explosion Proof type of equipment).

Explosion Proof Camera Products

Industrial-grade video cameras improve personnel and site safety. Surveillance and process monitoring video cameras provide site operators and company management peace of mind with reliable, high-quality video through Internet Protocol (IP) or closed-circuit television (CCTV) applications in harsh or low-light environments.

Each camera offers integrated Infrared (IR) illuminators and motorized zoom for recording and monitoring equipment, general site security, remotely monitoring manufacturing processes and personnel, as well as monitoring traffic for congestion and incident reporting.

Customized firmware and superior industrial-grade materials have low failure rates to ensure cameras last and perform. They are compatible with any type of network connection including high-power/long-range wireless connections, fiber optic networks, or ruggedized cellular routers.

Surveillance Camera Products

Stainless Steel Cameras

Housed in a stainless steel dome rated IP68 for harsh environments, stainless steel cameras deliver reliable process, safety, and security monitoring in difficult and corrosive environments. These compact, rugged cameras produce high-quality video in low-light conditions and are ideal for use in clean/wash-down process areas that are required in food, pharmaceutical, or beverage production.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras provide clear and reliable video of objects in the Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) spectrum. This allows you to see hot and cold spots, easily identify fires, and analyze temperature data of process equipment. These IP video cameras come standard with industrial-grade housings that are built to withstand harsh environments.

Thermal cameras are ideal for use in flare stack monitoring, flame detection in process areas, electrical substation monitoring and leak detection in tank farms where high-pressure gases and liquids are kept at very hot or cold temperatures. Cost-effective and customizable, these cameras come with multiple lens, signal and housing options to integrate into process control systems.

High-Speed Video Monitoring Systems

When production stops on high-speed lines, every minute of downtime can impact your bottom line. Pinpointing the source of a line failure quickly is critical. A high-speed video monitoring system captures video of high-speed processes and allows frame-by-frame video playback of events to help operations identify and resolve issues fast.

Pinpoint and resolve issues fast on high speed manufacturing lines with a complete solution for high speed video monitoring. A high-speed vision camera and long-watch video management software give operators a more complete picture of what is happening on a production line while improving operator visibility into critical processes.

Crane Camera Systems

Improve operational safety and awareness with high performance cameras to monitor crane activity.

Industrial crane camera systems mount to crane assemblies and are designed to improve crane operation safety and efficiency, even in challenging conditions. Housed in rugged, weatherproof enclosures, the systems feature an advanced camera stabilization and vibration dampening mechanism that absorbs jarring movements to ensure smooth and reliable video under tough conditions.