Asset Reliability


The Asset Reliability Department offers machinery health management and condition monitoring products and services, as well as excellent technical support and training to our customers both locally and regionally. Our focus is in providing solutions with support is key in ensuring successful long term customer relationships.

While we strive to achieve customer satisfaction, safety is our top priority as it forms an essential part of our company’s core values. Our predictive maintenance and condition monitoring services contributes to the safety and security of our customers as this provides the pertinent information needed to prevent catastrophic failure. All employees adopt this responsibility to ensure the sustainability and success of the department.

Our team includes experienced and certified personnel in various condition monitoring technologies including Vibration Analysis Categories I, II and III, Infrared Thermography, Oil Analysis and others. The technical support team communicates with customers to ensure that their instruments, software and inspection tools are calibrated, upgraded and supported to minimize downtime. We also provide rental and loaner units if required.

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