Managers and employees are all engaged in creating a positive safety culture here at PML. Some of the activities employees are engaged in are:

Weekly safety meetings

Every week, general HSE Meetings are held in which all employees are engaged. Relevant topics that affect employees at home and at work are discussed such as ergonomics, hand and finger safety, driving, pollution, safety at home, pollution. These meetings are conducted by members of management, HSE department and staff members


From time to time HSE lectures are conducted by Qualified professionals with the aim of enhancing the HSE knowledge of employees. These lectures include Safe Driving, Heart Disease and Diabetes

HSE Competitions

Our Safety Observation Card competition is soon to be launched. This will give employees an opportunity to design an Observation Card to capture and record both good and poor conditions and behaviours

Near miss reporting

Near Misses are usually signs of an accident soon to occur. Employees are encouraged to, and participate in reporting near misses, to which corrective actions are implemented

JSA Completion

All jobs undergo risk assessment or JSA dependent of the level of risk in the Job. These are completed by employees and supervisors to ensure work is carried out safely


It is important that employees are trained to safely conduct their jobs. Some of the Training they undergo are: PLEA Training, First AID and CPR, Emergency Response, Defensive Driving and TBOSIET


We at PML aim to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with the quality of our services and products.

We also strive to ensure our processes are efficient and are continually improved. We achieve this by continually monitoring our system and implementing any corrective measures.

We measure quality performance by measuring some of the following:

  • Training feedback
  • Customer survey feed back
  • Customer complaints
  • Delivery time
  • Response time
  • Errors


Process Management Limited is committed to protecting the health and safety of all its employees, customers and the public, and to the prevention of pollution. Our commitment will be demonstrated by: Effectively managing a system that meets the Safe-to-Work TT (STOW-TT) HSE requirement

Identifying HSE hazards and controlling associated risks

Provision of safe working conditions and equipment

Taking actions to prevent HSE incidents

Ensuring employees are competent and trained to work safely

Ensuring safe handling and transport of harmful substances

Consultation with employees on the company’s HSE management and performance

Taking actions to comply with relevant health & safety and environmental laws

Working to continually improve the company’s HSE performance.


We, the employees of Process Management Limited are fully committed to understand, meet and when possible, exceed our customer’s requirements through the continual improvement of our processes.

Our primary aim is to provide a high standard of engineered products and services to industry by continual improvement of our performance in all our operations.

To ensure quality is at its optimum level, the following fundamental principles are adhered to:

Providing a high level of expertise to our customers with minimal complaints and errors

Continual compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001

Promoting a working environment where training and tools are provided for efficient delivery of product and service solutions

Fostering open communication among our employees, customers and principals to provide innovative solutions

Setting specific objectives aimed at improving our Quality Management System