AR – Services

All Services listed below include data collection, analyzing and reporting.

  1. Rotating Equipment Diagnostics – general equipment audits and inspections, analysis and reporting.
  2. Routine PdM and Condition Monitoring Services – vibration analysis, infrared thermography, oil analysis management and motor current analysis
  3. ODS (Operation Deflection Shape) Servcies
    • ODS Services not only provides the animated deflected shape at the operating frequency of the equipment but also provides animated deflection shapes at any other frequency based on the frequency range of data acquired.
  4. Transient Vibration Data Collection, Analysis & Reporting
    • A most powerful analysis technique used to capture unpredictable or transient events during the operation of mechanized systems. It is ideal for start-up, commissioning, shut-down fault detection, process changes, QA/QC checks after overhauls, constant monitoring for defined time periods.
  5. Resonance Detection
    • Utilizing the following impact (bump) test, run-up, coast-down, ODS Testing and phase analysis we can diagnose and report on the possible resonance problems of systems.
  6. Piping Vibration Analysis
    • Diagnose vibration related problems for piping loops and systems. Problems maybe process related, flow induced, instrumentation faults, support issues and vibration transfer from adjacent systems.
  7. Vibro-Acoustic Surveys
    • Vibration issues related to noise or noise induced vibrations.
  8. Onsite Balancing and Laser Alignment
    • Corrective Actions to be taken on mechanical systems requiring QA/QC checks and / or installation on new or re-conditioned equipment.
  9. Machinery Health Management Services


Applicable for the correct diagnosis of equipment problems. PML’s Asset Reliability Team would utilize all relevant technologies to assist in the detection of specific problems and offer more conclusive recommendations. This specialized service utilizes the following technologies (where applicable):

  • Vibration Analysis
  • Motor Current Analysis
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Transient Analysis
  • Bump Testing
  • Cross Channel Phase
  • Resonance Detection
  • Piping Vibration Analysis
  • Strobe light Inspections


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